Aerosmith Steven Tyler’s Health: How the Rock Legend

Steven Tyler is one of the most recognizable and influential rock singers of all time, as the lead vocalist of the legendary band Aerosmith. He is known for his powerful voice, flamboyant style, and energetic stage presence. However, he is also known for his struggles with addiction, which nearly cost him his life and career. In addition, he recently faced a cancer scare that forced him to cancel some of his shows. In this article, we will explore some of the aspects of Aerosmith Steven Tyler’s health, such as:

  • How he became addicted to drugs and alcohol and how he recovered from it
  • How he relapsed after foot surgery and how he entered rehab again
  • How he was diagnosed with throat cancer and how he underwent treatment for it
  • How he maintains his health and well-being now

How He Became Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol and How He Recovered from It

Steven Tyler started using drugs and alcohol as a teenager in the 1960s, experimenting with marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and heroin. He said that drugs were “more or less the thing to do” for a rock musician in the 70s. He also said that he “couldn’t do enough” and that he “couldn’t get high enough”.

His addiction worsened in the late 70s and early 80s, as Aerosmith became one of the biggest rock bands in the world, with hits like “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion”, “Walk This Way”, and “Dude Looks Like A Lady”. He and guitarist Joe Perry were nicknamed the “Toxic Twins” for their excessive drug use. He estimated that he spent about $6 million on drugs in his lifetime.

His addiction affected his health, his relationships, his performance, and his reputation. He suffered from various physical and mental problems, such as hepatitis C, ulcers, seizures, hallucinations, paranoia, depression, and suicidal thoughts. He also had several accidents and injuries, such as falling off the stage, breaking his collarbone, smashing his teeth, and rupturing his vocal cords. He also had conflicts and lawsuits with his bandmates, his managers, his record label, and his family. He also lost many fans and critics who accused him of being a sell-out or a has-been.

He finally decided to get sober in 1986, after his daughter Liv Tyler confronted him about his addiction. He checked into a rehab facility with Perry and other band members. He said that rehab was “the hardest thing I ever did” but also “the best thing I ever did”. He stayed clean for more than two decades, during which Aerosmith enjoyed a comeback with new albums, tours, awards, and accolades.

How He Relapsed After Foot Surgery and How He Entered Rehab Again

Steven Tyler relapsed in 2022 after having foot surgery to prepare for Aerosmith’s Las Vegas residency. He said that he had to take pain medication to cope with the surgery, but that it triggered his addiction again. He said that he felt “ashamed” and “guilty” for relapsing.

He voluntarily entered a treatment program in May 2022 to concentrate on his health and recovery. He said that he was “grateful” for the support of his bandmates, his family, his friends, and his fans. He also apologized for canceling some of the shows due to his health issues.

He completed the treatment program in September 2022 and resumed the residency with Aerosmith. He said that he was “feeling great” and “ready to rock” again. He also said that he learned from his relapse and that he was determined to stay sober.

How He Was Diagnosed with Throat Cancer and How He Underwent Treatment for It

Steven Tyler was diagnosed with throat cancer in early 2022 after noticing a lump in his neck. He said that he was “shocked” and “scared” by the diagnosis. He also said that he suspected that his cancer was caused by years of smoking cigarettes or by HPV (human papillomavirus), a sexually transmitted infection that can cause oral cancer.

He underwent a procedure to remove the cancerous growth from his throat in May 2022. He said that the surgery was “successful” and that he was “cancer-free”. He also said that he had to undergo radiation therapy to prevent the cancer from coming back.

He recovered from the surgery and the therapy and continued to perform with Aerosmith. He said that he was “thankful” for surviving the cancer scare and that he was “grateful” for the love and prayers of his fans. He also said that he was “blessed” to still have his voice and his music.

How He Maintains His Health and Well-Being Now

Steven Tyler maintains his health and well-being now by following a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. He said that he eats a balanced diet, drinks plenty of water, exercises regularly, meditates daily, and sleeps well. He also said that he avoids alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, and that he takes vitamins and supplements to boost his immunity and energy.

He also maintains his health and well-being by pursuing his passions and interests. He said that he loves music, art, photography, fashion, and philanthropy. He also said that he enjoys traveling, learning, exploring, and experiencing new things. He also said that he cherishes his family, his friends, his bandmates, and his fans.

He also maintains his health and well-being by being optimistic and resilient. He said that he has faced many challenges and hardships in his life, but that he has always overcome them with courage and faith. He also said that he has learned from his mistakes and that he has grown from them. He also said that he has a sense of humor and a zest for life.


Aerosmith Steven Tyler’s health is an inspiring story of how the rock legend overcame his addiction and cancer scare. He has shown remarkable strength, determination, and perseverance in his recovery and in his career. He has also shown remarkable generosity, compassion, and gratitude in his life. He is a role model for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being with music, art, and love.

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